solar pv module

We have gained considerable popularity in the Rajasthan as a solar panel system manufacturer for providing the cost effective solution to their electricity need. The introduced range of the solar panel system is not only serving cost benefits but also able to provide the highest returns on the investment by harvesting maximum from the sun’s energy and converting into the power. Rajasthan had heady start of the solar power, however, the high charges for the solar panel system has reduced its charisma in the Rajasthan, the same solar panels, indeed outperforming we provide at the notably low rates in the Rajasthan that has gained back the swift for the solar power production. Further, we also provide assistance in getting a government subsidy for larger capacity requirements. This solar panel system comes in different capacities and also in the customized capacities to suit individuals need; both are overwhelmed in Rajasthan for the higher productivity ability to excel under harsh condition flawlessly.

Other than proposing a solar panel system, we are delighted to serve different service associated with thereof in Rajasthan to empower them to go green and help reduce the carbon footprint caused by the fossil fuels used in the electricity production.

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