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Why Government providing subsidy for solar venture ?

The supply of electricity in India is being unreliable due to the un-scheduled power cuts resulted in a huge number of solar panel installation company in india in the maximum cities of India, therefore users are tending to reroute their electricity alternative. However, users step back sometimes due to the high capital cost of the renewable sources, is a deterrent in taking up huge deployments of the same. In order to encourage users to go for solar energy as an alternative to the electricity and promote electricity generation by means of solar energy,the government of India has launched Jawaharlal Nehru National Solar Mission in January 2017 with a strong motive to accomplish large scale industrial deployment of solar energy systems and also to facilitate domestic production of complex raw materials, components and other products.

The aim is to bring in the nation’s grid connected solar installations to 1 lack MW by the year 2022…!! And to achieve the same, increase number of solar installations are required, it means you can advantage from the venture, by installing considerable capacity of solar panel system on your property..!

How to benefit from subsidy for solar energy in Gujarat ?

No one is uninformed from the demonetization that India has experienced recently, and hence manifest that each is in search of an elite alternative to save and invest money. At this moment, solar panel system can be a jackpot as by investing in the solar panel system you can save money as well as add value to existing capital assets. You perhaps find it costly at a moment, but with the subsidy for solar energy, you can save and augment asset value at the same time.

This solar subsidy you also can reap, if fitted with the requirement like, you own a surface that receives the rays of the sun is capable of power generation through it.

This can be possible by either installing solar panel system on the rooftops or on the ground. The solar on the land is the best option if you own huge stretches of empty space, or you can also install on the rooftops, which majorly not find any other important application and thereby is being one of the best options for solar panel installation.

For the solar generation, the central government has set targets for each individual state, in which Gujarat only bags 8024 MW to achieve by 2022 and to achieve this target government of Gujarat presents a scheme of subsidy with the highest promotion of rooftop solar ventures.

Charmingly, rooftop solar venture can be availed by anyone with the ownership of their existing property easily, for which GEDA is the Gujarat Energy Development Agency is engaged for renewable energy development in the Gujarat and is also paying out the subsidy for your solar panel system venture in Gujarat…! Before you go for the solar panel system venture, it is essential that you consider several terms and conditions that Gujarat has outlined are mentioned below:

1. Monetary Subsidy

For every personage household connected to the grid, the policy permits a payment of a flat Rs. 10, 0000 per kW. This monetary subsidy has sn upper limit of RS. 20,000 as well, hence for installation above 2kW, the subsidy provided by the government does not go beyond Rs. 20,000.

2. The first 100,000 consumers

The subsidy provided by GEDA is on a first come first serve bases, which has a target of the first 100,000 customers.  This solar subsidy policy won’t be considered after the accomplishment of the 100,000 customers. However, the last decision is on the government, it may extent or may not.

3. New rooftop solar installations

In the new rooftop solar installation on which you have subsidy, a consumer cannot transfer the solar plant to any other property.

4. Ownership of system

In order to avail solar subsidy, legal proofs of the infrastructure documentation are obligatory, which covers rooftop. On the fulfilling the documentation requirement, one can avail the subsidy for their respective property.

5. Inclusion/ non inclusion of other subsidies

Yes, it is possible to reap the benefit of two subsidies at once, like having a solar subsidy from the Gujarat government, you are also eligible to get subsidy from the center government. However, the applicant only has one state subsidy for the same system that means, combing two or more schemes run by same state government is not possible. Further, on breaching the policy, the possibilities are higher to lose the subsidy under GEDA’s solar energy policy in Gujarat.

We hope you have gained an enough knowledge concerning solar subsidy through the details provided above. However, in case of the opaque view of the solar subsidy and its policy, feel free to contact us through an inquiry or call, our team of subsidy experts are available to make understand the solar subsidy and its policy thoroughly and also promote concerning how to reap the offered solar subsidy on the edge.

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