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Manufacturer, supplier and exporter of the Cost efficient modules (Poly Solar Panel) to generate electricity economically

We are considered among the leading organization in the India for providing most cost efficient alternative for the one having budget constraints in terms of poly solar panel. These poly solar panels are greatly in demand for its inexpensiveness side and sustainability side. It is the result of our continuous research and development in the direction to procure the range of the solar panels that is at par efficient and can be present in the market at comparatively low cost. This poly solar panel is made of the several (poly) small pieces of the silicon and thereby is also famous in the market as a polycrytalline solar panel.

Solar Carport and Parking Solution

With the considerable efforts and research, we as a manufacturer of the poly solar panels are enable to come out with a range of the economical solar panel. During the manufacturing process, the silicon crystal is positioned in a vat of molten silicon, in which fragments of the silicon are melted rather than a silicon piece. Further, instead of dry the silicon crytal as with monocrystalline the vat of silicon is allowed to cool, which causes distinctive edge and grains in the solar cell.

The entire manufacturing process of the poly solar panel is executed under the strict watch of the quality expert team in order to ensure it is as per the set quality management processes. The proven quality processes and adherence to the highest quality standards concluded in the range of the poly solar panel that is absolutely applauded in the market for the aspects, including durability, quality, performance and cost efficiency.

The provided range of our poly solar panel is in compliance with the set of international standards and hence guaranteed to perform under the harshest environmental condition without affecting the output of poly solar panel and environment. These poly solar panels are thriving in the market for its significant advantages at low cost, unlikely to other solar panels. However, it is quite less efficient than the mono solar panel, but is negligible if the energy requirement is not so bulky and cheaper method. We as a manufacturer of the poly solar panel recommend it for residential purpose.

Other than its cost efficiency, here are some other significant aspects that have made it the famous in the market includes:

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The manufacturing process of the poly solar panel is simpler and does not require Czochralski method, which apparently reduce the manufacturing cost of the end product.

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The poly solar panels bestow good durability at a lower price, can long last for the 25 years. The efficiency of these panels sustains for the same years and does not get affected by the foreign environmental conditions.

Environmental Enhancements

The cost effectiveness of this poly solar panel attracts more users to adopt the new and Eco friendly alternative to the grid electricity. Thus the use of poly solar panel promotes in the reduction of the fossil fuels and hence in the environmental conservation.

Lower Electricity Bills

There is no vast difference in the efficiency of the poly solar panel and mono solar panel, and hence the use of the mono solar panel is equally helpful in reducing the electricity bills. You can get the best possible efficiency by availing our range of the poly solar panel and installation service.

We are specialist in the customization of the poly solar panel

If space is your concern, or you want a specific size of the poly solar panel, we guarantee for the best design and end product. We as a manufacturer of the poly solar panel embrace thorough experience in the allied field and hence enable design and manufacture a range of the poly solar panel as per the need of the end user. The design of the customized poly solar panel we outline after visiting and analyzing your place in order to deliver you the exact solar panel system that you desire for.

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