Save the environment and save electricity bill with solar PV system

Manufacturer, supplier and exporter of the solar PV system, promotes citizen to power up your home and business in an environmentally friendly manner.

We are instrumental in the designing and installing a solar PV system since long year back and hence earns considerable expertise in the allied segment enable us to design and manufacture any size of the solar PV system as per required specification. The provided solar PV system from us is performance efficient and proven to be the extraordinary in terms of durability.

Solar PV System Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter in USA, UK, South-Africa, South-Korea, South-Sudan, Uganda, Ukraine

The configuration of this solar PV system undertaken only after thorough inspection of the home or business where it is to be installed in order to determines exact requirements of yours. Following, designing and manufacturing take place under strict watch on the quality analyst team to ensure impeccable quality of the solar panels and its accordance with the outlined quality standards. We have made 1000+ installations of the solar PV system in the different states and all are running successfully without any compliant is an evidence of our quality laden solar PV systems.

Benefits of off solar PV systems ?

  • You live independently from the power company
  • You will receive no bill after installing off grid solar panel system
  • Best for remote location where electricity is not available
  • Installation of power poles has higher cost, in the contrast installation of this system is much cheaper
  • You reduce carbon footprint by adopting off grid solar panel system
  • You will get constant power all through the day, unlikely to the electricity from utility companies that may fluctuate
  • Sturdy construction and highest standard of the system demands no maintenance and also provide longer shelf life

What will you get in solar PV systems ?

PV modules that convert sunlight into DC current

Inverter: to convert DC current into AC power required to operate household appliances

Battery: to store energy when there is extra electricity generated from the PV in DC and back out when there is a requirement of the power during night time.

Utility Meter: utility power is automatically provided at night and during the day when the demand exceeds your solar electric power production.

Charge Controller: To prevent battery overcharging and extend the battery life of your PV system

Additionally, all the essential equipment like wiring, overcurrent, surge protection and disconnect devices will be included in the solar PV system.

What are solar PV systems?

The solar PV system is an array of PV solar panels and other significant components essential to power your home or business. This PV solar system can be directly connected to your main switchboard of the home or business or can be connected to the utility grid, the selection is solely depends on the end user.

How does solar PV system work?

There are mainly two types of solar PV systems, one is off grid and other is on the grid solar PV System.

Off grid solar PV system:

Simply sun shines on solar PV panels on your roof or mounted near your house. These panels generate electricity, which is used to power your home and charge your batteries. The batteries allow you to store electricity for use at night or times of low production like cloudy days.

Basically the sunlight strikes on the solar panels on your roof or mounted near to home. These panels collect solar energy and convert this energy into DC electricity.  A solar inverter connected in the series with the solar panels converts this DC electricity into 230V AC electricity that is ideal for household application.  The main switchboard is connected with the solar inverter or battery inverter and transforms it to power your home.

The battery inverter takes the extra electricity (not used) from the main switchboard and convert into DC electricity to be stored in batteries, which again converted into the AC electricity when home requires, in the absence of the sun.

Grid connected solar PV system:

The principle of grid connected solar PV system is absolutely same as off grid solar PV system, wherein when sunlight strikes on the photovoltaic solar panels, a phenomenon called the photovoltaic effect takes place and converts the solar energy into the electricity.

The panels are connected to the inverter, whilst inverter to the grid, in contrast to the off grid, in which inverter is connected to the battery. Therefore, the electricity generated by the solar PV panels transfer to the inverter, where it is converted from DC to 240 V AC electricity, which is ideal to be used by the household appliances.

Now, if the solar PV panels produce more power than is required for power house, the extra is fed into the main power grid, which the utility company measures and provides a credit on your bill…!

And when your solar PV panels are not generating power, generally at night, power is supplied by the grid as usual and for that you need to pay very nominal rate for the power used. Our grid connected solar PV system is also hugely appreciated in the market for its long and hassle free life and effective output.

How we size your off grid solar panel system?

Our motive is to deliver the exact electricity you required for powering your home, in daytime and also in the night time and that we accomplish by thoroughly study your requirement by visiting your home or business where you desire to install a solar panel system. The evaluation is carried out by considering the number of electronic appliances in your home or business and the peak use of the electricity all through the day. By listing all the crucial data and accounting the same, we work out on the capacity required and accordingly design and manufacture solar PV system that assures best possible yielding of electricity.