Google, Amazon, Walmart and many bigwig organizations are placing PPAs at the center of their energy strategy, are you ?

PPA stands for power purchase agreement is going to be future of the 21st century as a cost efficient and environmentally friendly alternative of the electricity for a large commercial, industrial and residential applications.

We as a solar project consultant are aware of your agony towards the PPA venture as it is new for you, but also best and therefore we as a solar project PPA contractor elaborate the entire venture here in detail that will assist you in understating of the venture and in subsidy also.

Solar Power Conditioning Unit

What is Solar PPA ?

It is a financial agreement wherein the entire job is done by the developer, including designing, permitting, financing and installation of solar panel system on a property of customer who is willing to lend its property at little to no cost for installation of the solar panel system. The developer sets up the entire solar panel system and sells the electricity produced by the system at very competitive rates to the customer. Hence, the customer gets electricity at considerably low rates than the electricity provided by the utility company. That means the customer only pays for the electricity that it used, not for the solar panels and its maintenance. Yes, customer not even need to keep watch on the solar panels, the developer frequently visits the site and do all the necessary inspection and maintenance if any. On the other side, the developer gets income from the sale of electricity together with incentives produced from the system.

We as PPA solar project consultant provides complete PPA service, wherein our team of the engineers visits your place and inspect thoroughly and accordingly design an entire solar panel system to leverage highest from the sun energy. We take the entire liability of the solar panel system that we installs from the installation, frequent inspection to maintenance if required. Our solar project PPA is ranges from 10 to 25 years, from which customer can avail whatever best fit for their requirement. However, customers can extend the years after termination of the contract or customer can purchase the entire solar panel system set up from the developer.

Advantage of PPAs solar project:

No or negligible upfront capital costs:

The developer pays for the upfront capital cost for procuring and installing the solar panel system. It means with no single penny of investment, the host customer can experience the clear energy at the considerably low cost. Other than reducing the costing of the electricity bills and also contributing in the conservation of the environment.

Reduced energy costs:

The cost for the electricity produced by the solar panel system is fixed for the duration of the agreement and hence is the reliable for the usage. However, we as a solar project PPA consultant provide two alternatives for the customer. The first type of the solar project PPA is fluctuated, in which the customer pays rises at predetermined prices, generally between 2% to 5%, whilst the other is fixed price plan, in which the PPA price remains constant span the agreement period, unlikely company’s prices rise over a period of time.

Limited risk:

There is 0% of liability of the customer for solar panel system installed on their property; it is only the liability of developer of the solar panel system for its performance and operating risk.

Potential increase in property value:

Interestingly, as the PPA project is a long term agreement, it also enhances the property value, which can be transferred with the property and hence delivers clientele a means to spend on their home at little or no cost.

Reasons to approach us for PPA project:

We take the whole responsibility of the PPA project, you no need to look after a single factor associated with the solar PPA project. We execute development and installation by a shrewd team of engineers employing top grade quality solar equipment.

  • We provide financial backing for the PPA project
  • We make congenial relationship with our customer beyond PPA solar project
  • We operate our solar panel installation venture our self only and also execute several tasks, including maintenance, monitoring, system cleaning and repairing on a frequent basis
  • We assure 20 to 30 years longevity of the installed solar panel system and also its maintenance, although the agreement period
  • We have made 100+ successful installation of the PPA solar project
  • Our PPA solar projects are applauded by the clientele for its consistent performance, low maintenance and low failure rate
  • We believe signing a PPA agreement not end of our intense; we guide you sincerely to the righteous solution for your organization or home, be it lease, a cash purchase or other monetary solution.
  • Interestingly, at the end of the PPA agreement, we remove the solar panel system without at no cost to you.
  • At the end of the PPA solar project agreement, we also ready to negotiate a new rate and also ready to sell you the entire system at the competitive market value.

If you are not clear with the PPA solar project by the given details, we welcome you for the consultation at free of cost or you also can enquiry by calling or sending an email at the mentioned contact details, our team of the prudent engineers is ready to serve you at its best possible.

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