The intelligent way to start saving on your electricity costs is to get smart with how you use electricity. Here are some of the changes in your home that can help you save on the several bucks, depending on how you consider it in your life. If you can deliver on most of the suggestion noted below, we bet you would reduce your electricity by 10% over the year.

Turn off unnecessary lights

This is a small step towards save electricity; however it is effective as switching off two high voltage bulbs results in saving energy.

Use natural light

The sun is there to brighten your home during the day, then why to waste electricity just for lighting your home, use a sun face window during the day to illuminate rooms and turn of the high voltage bulbs during the day hours.

Use task lighting

Select the light based on the purpose, use table lamps and under counter lights in work and hobby areas as well as kitchen rather than the ceiling or wall lights.

Take Shorter Shower

Long shower in the cold seasons leads to hike your electricity bill immensely, better take shorter showers and thus lower the bills.

Turn of hot water taps

It is a good regime to turn off how water taps during shaving, washing hands, brushing teeth, this also will reduce your usage of electricity required to heat the water.

Ensure there is no leakage

Sometimes due to leakage you experience loss of hot waters, better check faucet and fix it, which can save good amount of electricity and hence energy cost.

Unplug not required electronics

If you do not have a habit to unplug not required electronics, you are paying 10% extra every year needlessly, wise to unplug electronics if they do not require.

Change PC with laptop

If you have choices between PC and a laptop, go for laptop. Desktop computer demands continuous electricity, whilst laptop can be operated with the battery. Switching to a laptop can reward in the saving of electricity at certain extent.

Unplug PVR when away from home

Sometimes due to leakage you experience loss of hot waters, better check faucet and fix it, which can save good amount of electricity and hence energy cost.

Only wash if full loads

Preferring full load was possibly cut one load of wash per week, despite of using cold water and thus you can save a greater amount of the electricity all the way of the year.

Add a dry towel during drying

It is quite tricky, but true, adding a dry towel to the dryer considerably reduce drying times and therefore electricity required for drying.

Set refrigerator at ideal temperature

To enhance the efficiency of your refrigerator, it is recommended to set it between 2 °C and 3 °C and the freezer at -18 °C and save as much as possible.

Switch to microwave than oven

Scientifically microwave can do the function in 15 min only that oven does in 1 hour, apparently reduces consumption of power.

Switch to solar panel system than utility company

The above mention tips can help you save on large electricity bills and need to follow in everyday life. The other solution that we counsel requires some amount of investment and gives you free of cost electricity almost lifetime.

Solar panel system uses the solar energy to produce electricity that directly feed to your electrical appliances and as this solar panels use solar energy to produce, you no need to pay a single buck for the electricity. You just need to pay once at the time of purchase of solar panel system and that gives you access to it for a lifetime.

Now you decide how you want to save electricity, follow free tricks to save electricity or invest once and experience free electricity lifetime.

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