Manufacturer, supplier and exporter of the High-efficiency modules (Mono Solar Panel) to generate optimum electricity

We are one of the well established organizations in India, renowned for constantly introducing a modernized approach towards solar energy by means of employing cutting edge technology in the manufacturing of the solar panels. The provided mono solar panel exporter is one of them, known for its incredible power generation capacity and its durability. The offered mono solar panels are a single continuous crystal structure, wherein every cell of these solar panels is made of the single (mono) piece of the silicon and hence is also reckoned as the Moncrystalline solar panels in the market. These mono solar panels can be identified with its single flat color appearance.

Solar Power Conditioning Unit in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

These mono solar panels are made by means of Czochralski method, in which silicon crystal positioned in a vat of molten silicon. As the time span, the silicon crystal is steadily drawn up with the molten silicon and forms a solid crystal structure around the silicon crystal known as ingot. Thereafter, the formed ingot is precisely sliced which is called silicon wafer, is then made into a cell.

The complete manufacturing process is executed by a team of professionals under the strict quality control process to procure an absolutely quality laden range of the mono solar panels. Our scrupulousness during the designing and manufacturing together with the input of the exemplary quality silicon material promote to come out with a range of the mono solar panels.

The entire range of our mono solar panels conforms to the international quality standards and hence is outstanding in terms of its performance and durability quotient, can be used for residential roofs and also for industrial premises and can perform better even in desserts, farms and off the coast.

Our mono solar panels are flourishing in the market for its several advantages of using which covers:


The mono solar panels are first generation solar technology, which is yet to go more because of its durability and longevity features. These are known to last for long years of time almost 50 years of the lifespan.

High performance

As the mono solar panels are made from the single piece of the silicon, they are more potent to convert the optimum amount solar energy into electricity. So if your objective is to produce the highest possible electricity from the solar panels, then you are very close to your search.

Lower Installation Costs

The cost of solar panels is basically 60% of the cost of fully installed solar panel system; it means installation cost is also a major factor of the estimate. The sturdy construction of our mono solar panels reduces the requirement of the number of mounting structures, essential to provide support to the respective solar panel and hence it does not require lower installation costs to set up.

Space is no worry

As the mono solar panels have greater capability to harvest highest, by spending a little more on the mono solar panel you can yield the required amount of power with lesser size of solar panels hence is excellent for one concern of lower space.

Excellent against heat

When there mono solar panels subject to the temperature higher than 50 ºC, reduction in the output is most apparent. However, the amount of reduction experienced in the mono solar panel is comparatively lower that what you experience in the other type of panels.

High amount of Electricity

The amount of electricity produced by the mono solar panel per sqm is higher, hence the by and large electricity produced by the mono solar panel is high, which obviously going to promote reducing electricity bills and ultimately reduce the need of the electricity sourcing from the grid. The dependence on the mono solar panel will reduce the dependence on the grid electricity and indirectly, use of the fossil fuels, which leads to the reduction in the pollution caused by gases being pumped into the environment.


The Gujarat government promoting solar venture by providing subsidy who is installing the rooftop solar panels for the mass production of the solar energy, even central government is also doing so. We are able to assist you in the subsidy for your solar panel and also for the loan assistance, which turns your money concern absolutely dissipates.

We are specialist in the customization of the mono solar panel

Greetings for the users willing to design a solar panel system as per their premise space, we as a manufacturer provide customized solution for your solar venture. We visit your place, analyze and appropriately design and manufacture a range of mono solar panel cost that strongly meets your expectation. This customization is available for any type of the application, be it residential, industrial or commercial, we as a manufacturer of the solar panel system are delighted to serve you.