Manufacturer, supplier and exporter of the string inverter, invented to deliver the cost effective solution against other inverters for those having money are a constraint. The powerful performance and cost efficiency is what has made this string inverter a first choice of the several end users.

We as a manufacturer of the string inverter are known for introducing modernized yet economical approach to fulfill their need of converting DC into AC. These string inverters are truly serve the purpose of converting the DC current into AC in an effective manner, thanks to our team of the prudent engineers who spend hours in the designing and manufacturing to leave no single mistake in the end product. Further, sourcing top grade component accompanying with the top of the line technology results in the unsurpassed quality range of the string inverter that are applauded for its efficient and impeccable performance in any harsh conditions.

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The provided string inverters conform to the required quality standards and can be combined with the power optimizers; these both reasons have raised the popularity of the string inverter worldwide. Additionally, these string inverters have proven its superiority even under harsh weather conditions and therefore guaranteed to last for a lifetime.

How it string inverter works?

In a string inverter, solar panels are installed in a row, each with a string. For a while, if you have 30 panels you may have 6 rows of 5 panels. Thereafter, all the strings are connected to one string inverter, wherein each conveys DC power the solar panel produce to the string inverter where it is getting converted into AC power used to power home or business.

Advantages of string inverter:

  • Suitable for residential application
  • Highly reliable and efficient in terms of performance
  • Easy maintenance
  • Economical approach