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Manufacturer, supplier and exporter of the solar panel kits that includes everything that is required to source electricity from the solar energy.

Our splendid success in the manufacturing of solar panel and our in-house cutting edge facilities enables us to come out with the entire solar panel kits those are efficient in producing a significant amount of electricity. Whether you need solar panels for your home or business, our solar panel kits embrace everything that you need to operate your electronic appliances.

Rooftop Solar Mounting Solutions Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter in USA, UK, South-Africa, South-Korea, Uganda, Ukraine, South-Sudan

The provided solar panel kits are an excellent approach to generate clean energy constantly by means of solar energy from the sun to run TV to AC together is also recharge battery of the specific voltage. The simple configuration of each product, included in the solar panel kits promotes user to easily set up the entire solar panel kit and produce the electricity successfully. The offered solar panel kits manufactured by us are strongly in the conformity of the highest quality standards and hence are assuring impeccable performance span the life under any harsh environmental conditions.

The standard kit of our solar panel incorporates lightweight and weatherproof 15 watt solar panels, amorphous silicon solar cells to harvest maximum during less sunlight, voltage regulator and mounting hardware to mount the solar panel. The entire kit comes in different specification of the solar panel capacity so as one can select the one that is best fits with their requirement.

Assortments in our Solar panel kits available are:

Small solar kits

To get the budget friendly solar solution, this solar panel kits are the perfect one for you. Avail it at the best affordable rates from us to power small electrical need of your home or business.

Grid Tied Solar Kits

It is also an economical alternative to produce electricity from the solar energy, wherein the grid tied solar panel kits produce electricity and convey it back to the utility company that apparently decrease your electricity bills.

Grid Tie with Battery Solar Kits

The provided grid tie with battery solar kits are similar to a grid tied solar panel kit, as it also conveys the energy to the utility grid and reduces the cost of your electric bill. But in this grid tie with battery solar kits provide additional benefit, in which electricity produced by the solar panels gets stored in the battery while utility grid is down and inaccessible, which can be used to power home or business.

Off Grid Solar Kits

Off grid solar kits give you an absolutely independent source of electricity to power your home or business. These off grid solar kits provide electricity at comparatively lower cost than electricity provided by the electricity provided by the utility together give you the independence you look for.

All the above mentioned solar panel kits are greatly applauded for its high quality standards, high performance and longer shelf life aspects that make our solar panel kits ideal for the home and business usage.

We are specialist in the customization of the solar panel kits

It is fair that may you not find the solar panel kit that is just best for you, in such a case we as a solar panel manufacturer provides customized solution for your home or business, in which our professionals can customize a solar panel kit for your home or business while adhering to your desired budget point. Whatever you select from our range, you will experience top grade quality and precision engineering.